“Instant Messages, Instant Results” was conceived after our founder, Mike Diatalevi, became frustrated with local businesses ineffectively spamming a community message group to try and drum up business. Mike knew there had to be a better way and went looking for a solution.

A longtime believer in the WWW, all the way back in 1996 Mike left a job shortly after a stupid boss asked the question “who can make money off the internet?” Even then Mike knew better and after a couple of years building websites for other companies went on to join Electronic Components Company, a one-man-barely running wholesale electronics distributor that depended on bribes word of mouth to generate sales. Until Mike.

Mike started writing software and getting individual item numbers listed in the search engines. Though Mike worked with electronic parts, a good example is someone looking for a toaster. Mike was focused on toaster getting found (as an example) while his competition was focused on “small appliance supplier” getting found. Needless to say it wasn’t long until Mike was dominating the web and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in ROI. His software managed 6 divisions, paid the salaries of 6 people ($250.000 a year baby!), all the bills, and in their best year did over 1 million in sales. But Mike didn’t own this company and the owner was a greedy loser who drove it bankrupt.

Time has passed and web technology has improved. So much so that Mike can finally see his dream of the WWW driving customers into local businesses RIGHT NOW. By combining web and text he has truly created a system where Instant Messages bring Instant Results.